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Fire Protection Shutters & Curtains

Why Choose a Fire Curtain or Shutter?

Fire curtains and shutters are becoming increasingly more popular where fire safety is required. Used in locations such as shopping centres and airports, these add safety considerations over standard security factors.

Our fire curtains are made from flame retardant stainless steel wire reinforced glass fabric. Often used in larger areas where speed of closure is essential, fire curtains can be made with the same fire rating as a shutter.

We provide our products and services across Manchester, Bury, Rochdale, Blackburn, Bolton and across the UK.

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MJM Fire Protection - Curtain or Shutter

All of our shutters offer a level of fire protection. However, a dedicated fire protection shutter or curtain adds additional peace of mind where fire protection is essential.

Fire Shutters

A shutter is often the choice of fire security for consumers who also want security as well as fire protection.

Ideal for use in warehousing and storage units, as well as commercial properties a fire shutter offers the highest level of protection for any business.

Our range of products for domestic, commercial or industrial purposes is tested and proven to withstand fire damages. The doors have smoke seals and can be either single or double. The doors also come with a variety of fitted furniture such as panic buttons, side panels, up and over boards, clear fireproof panels, and door closers.

All these options are suitable for hotels and other places where fire poses a danger to the property. The roller shutters doors Manchester are also protected against damage by chemicals likely to cause erosion.

Fire Curtains

Not only used in commercial and industrial property, fire curtains could be used in properties such as restaurants and schools, where the real danger of fire spreading quickly could cause serious harm to people and property.

They also add an added protection factor against the spread of smoke.

Unlike a dedicated shutter, a curtain is often easier to install and with less impact. Curtains are easier and more compact to fold up and therefore take up less space, easily boxed on walls or overhead. They also mean less maintenance as they are simpler in construction.

Fire curtains also ave a key selling point over a shutter - flexibility. A fire shutter can sometimes trap either escape or entry to a property to put out fire. Curtains can be easily moved, or even cut open to ensure escape.

Curtains are a more discreet method of fire protection - and are often a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for your fire protection needs.

Protect your property whilst also protecting lives

To discuss our range of fire curtains and shutters, why not give us a call for a free quotation?

Why Choose MJM Roller Shutters?

After being involved in over 1000 installations, we'd like to think we know something about roller shutters, especially when it comes to fire protection.

We offer:

  • A dedicated team of professionals with over 30 years experience with fire protection technology
  • Custom made shutters and curtains made right here in the UK
  • Qualified installers with a committed approach to customer service
  • Free impartial advice on all of your fire protection needs
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