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MJM 24 Hour & Emergency Roller Shutter Repair

So you're about to close your shutters and leave for the day... but the shutter is jammed and won't close.... what do you do?

It's situations like this that MJM Roller Shutters were founded for. Unlike other repair companies, we offer a 24 hour emergency call out service to help you when you need it most.

Issues such as vandalism, shutter blockage, motor failure and general wear and tear are big factors when it comes to your roller shutter failing. We've dealt with many such instances in our 20 years in the business...

So when you are faced with such a problem, why not call on the roller shutter professionals? Give us a call anytime on 07977 439201 to speak to one of our trained engineers who can visit your property and, in most cases, provide an immediate fix.

Got a roller shutter emergency?

Don't worry, you're in safe hands! Give us a call now on 07977 439201 or click below to find out more

MJM Roller Shutter Doors - There When You Need Us!

MJM Roller Shutters guarantee that we are flexible enough such that we are available whenever you give us a call. We strive towards providing a same-day visit and maintenance.

Our all-time availability is enhanced by our transport system that is always ready and also because we have well able engineers to carry out maintenance. We are also equipped with a range of spare parts whenever we visit your premises. Therefore, our repairs are quick and efficient.

A broken shutter can cause serious problems including the loss of heat and energy as well as the possible breach of security that it can cause. Failure to gain entry can also cause a lack of earnings - something that none of us can afford.

Therefore having a company available at short notice is essential - that's why it's our goal to repair all failures during the initial visit to ensure that you can open (or close) your shutter and get on with the rest of your day.

Before we commence on any work we will always outline the cost and the work involved so there are no hidden surprises when you get your bill. We will also advise on ways to ensure the same issue doesn't occur again in the future, including discussing our service agreements to maintain your shutters to reduce the chances of failure in the future.

In such circumstances where a fault cannot be rectified immediately, we will secure the area to prevent further damage and source the necessary part for repair.

MJM - the North West's premier roller shutter repair company.

Why Choose MJM for Emergency Roller Shutter Repair?

We understand that it's important your business operates smoothly. That's why MJM provide customers with the most comprehensive emergency repair service available.

We're proud that we can offer:

  • 24/7 emergency cover
  • Vehicles equipped with spares and necessary tools
  • Highly experienced and qualified shutter engineers
  • Free initial inspection
  • Comprehensive pricing outlining the complete job before commencement
  • The most competitive prices in the industry
  • Highest levels of customer service with a professional attention to detail
  • Bespoke and customised service level agreements to fit your needs
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