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Roller Shutter Benefits – Protecting Your Property

When it comes to protecting your property, there is a range of solutions which are available to you – from the simple and cheap to the high-tech, complex and expensive.

In a Co-Op insurance study, having a “heavy door” was rated the #3 highest deterrent for thieves.

But why does a shutter door benefit your property?

Because a security shutter is immediately a visual deterrent. Most theft is carried out by opportunists – i.e. unplanned. But most thieves will take a visual inspection of a property before making a decision to make an attempt to break in.

Having visual deterrents will therefore make a thief question to make a break-in attempt, and therefore increase the chances that they will not attempt one on your property.

Roller shutter doors are difficult to break into. They are normally big and heavy and can also be loud to open and close. Also, the mechanism to open some roller shutters are on the inside only – making an attempt from the outside difficult.

But what other protection does a high quality security shutter door provide?

They can also protect your property against vandalism. If you have a retail property, or a property on a busy high street, having a roller shutter reduces the risk of mindless vandalism on a drunken Saturday night out in town. It stops windows being smashed, locks being tampered with and just general damage.

But they can also offer protection against the elements. Heavy wind and the constant rain which we have regularly in the Winter months here in the UK can cause serious long-term damage to your property, and a roller shutter adds that extra layer of protection.

A high quality shutter can also reduce stress! Business owners are constantly worrying about their property – through break-ins and damage. But with a roller shutter protecting the property, you can be assured that the chances of damage are reduced – allowing you to relax.

Many people don’t think of a roller shutter as a security option when it comes protecting their homes and businesses. The main reason for this is normally due to the perceived high cost of a roller shutter. However, a quality security shutter from MJM Roller Shutters can be a lot lower than you think and would be a great addition to your current security options.

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