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Problem with your commercial shutter?

If you own a business across the North West, whether that business be a retail shop, a hospitality venue such as a bar, pub, restaurant or club, an office or showroom or even an industrial or storage unit having a full working security shutter is essential to your business.

When you close your business for the day or get there the next day, you need to be sure that your commercial shutter is in good working order, and one that has kept your property and it’s contents secure.

Commercial roller shutters are the best way to keep your property secure. However, like most things, they do need a little care and attention to ensure they are maintained in good order.

MJM Roller Shutters provide commercial shutter maintenance and service agreements to give your business that peace of mind to know that your roller shutter will work when you want it to, whilst also protect your property.

Think about the cost of a faulty or damaged security shutter to your business:

  • Loss of business whilst the door is fixed
  • The damage that could be caused by thieves or general vandalism that may impact your business
  • The loss of contents and money on the premises in the event of someone breaking in
  • The impact of a broken shutter has on your reputation – especially where you have other peoples property on the premises
  • Increased insurance costs due to claims on your existing policy

For the sake of what may only be a few hundred pounds a year, the impact of regular maintenance on your roller shutter is vast… don’t put off until the next time your shutter sticks or the motor doesn’t work first time. Give us a call today on 07706 636694 to find out how a service plan with us could save you thousands of pounds.  

We also provide emergency roller shutter 24 / 7 repairs to commercial clients across the North West, ensuring that we’re there when you need us!

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