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Have you checked your roller shutters Manchester?

With businesses across the UK, from hairdressers and barbers to retail stores, restaurants, bars and pubs all due to start re-opening over the next few months after the lockdown measures put in place in March, we ask… have you checked your rollers shutters Manchester?

Roller shutters and security shutters, like any mechanical piece of equipment are not immune to failure and break down. Especially those that have not been maintained and then closed for a number of weeks, even months.

Unfortunately, like most things, roller shutters are things that companies often forget about when it comes to be maintained – they are opened and closed regularly and, if they are working people assume they always will.

A closed roller shutter – but has it been maintained correctly?

So the issue is, when you are ready to re-open and start getting customers back into your business, are you going to be able to?

Over time, and if left without maintenance, they will fail. It’s a fact of life. Dirt and debris can get into the runners and the mechanism and clog them up. And although we have been blessed with some amazing weather during the lockdown, we have also seen strong stormy winds which can blow dirt and grit into every available nook, and roller shutters are no exception.

So don’t just assume that, when you’re ready to re-open that your roller shutters will as well!

Our advice? Check your shutter before you open – at least a week before that opening day. This will allow you to ensure that your roller shutter is working as it is should – if it’s not, and perhaps it’s not opening smoothly, not opening fully or even worse, not opening at all, that’s when you need to call in the experts.

MJM Roller Shutters are based in Whitefield and have been helping businesses and homeowners with their roller shutter and security shutter needs across the North West for over 20 years. We’ve helped retail stores, such as shops and newsagents, bars and restaurants and private domestic clients with a range of services including:

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