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4th July – Is your business ready to re-open?

We are now only a few days away from the 4th July, what is also being known as “Super Saturday”. For many businesses who have been closed due to the government lockdown here in the UK since the end of March, this will be the first time that many of them will have opened their…

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Have you checked your roller shutters Manchester?

With businesses across the UK, from hairdressers and barbers to retail stores, restaurants, bars and pubs all due to start re-opening over the next few months after the lockdown measures put in place in March, we ask… have you checked your rollers shutters Manchester? Roller shutters and security shutters, like any mechanical piece of equipment…

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15th June 2020 – Is your business ready to re-open?

a business with an open sign on their door

On the 25th May, the Prime Minister announced that all non-essential shops could potentially re-open on the 15th June, 2020 if they are “Covid Secure”. For many businesses, this is great news, especially those that have been closed since the end of March. However, some businesses may have not opened their doors since that unfortunate…

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Roller Shutter Benefits – Protecting Your Property

When it comes to protecting your property, there is a range of solutions which are available to you – from the simple and cheap to the high-tech, complex and expensive. In a Co-Op insurance study, having a “heavy door” was rated the #3 highest deterrent for thieves. But why does a shutter door benefit your…

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